Weekly Goals: October 1-7

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I love the beginning of a new month.  It seems like a fresh start, doesn’t it?  With my sporadic posting of weekly goals in September (see here for a brief explanation), I decided to start afresh with the month of October.

 This Week’s Goals

Family & Friendship Goals

  • Send package to cousins.
  • Order book for friend’s birthday and write card to send.

Personal Goals

  • Exercise for 30 min. at least once this week.
  • Read a book this week.  I haven’t decided what to read yet! 
  • Give myself a mani and a pedi.

Crafting Goals

  • Finish first 50% of the second section of my cross-stitch project.
  • Work on baby afghan that never ends (using this pattern).  I’m aiming for 25 rows this week.
  • Fix up my old sewing machine and a sewing basket for my apartment (The majority of my sewing stash is still at my parents’ house.)

Homemaking Goals

  • Gut the home office—sort as I clean it out.
  • Get out my fall décor and decorate the apartment.
  • FlyLady living rooms missions from last week.

  Business Goals

  • Follow my blog calendar for this week.
  • Brainstorming sessions for each possible business idea and develop an action items list for each one.
  • Take action on 5-10 blog articles I’ve saved.






  1. Aw, I used to follow the FlyLady routines! I love her website. What type of book do you usually prefer reading? I have such a wide range of interests…and new ones forming every month. LOL

    (I found you over at Money Saving Mom)

    Here’s a list of my weekly goals, if you would like to follow along. :)


    • Gina, thanks for visiting! I like reading all kinds of books. I try to switch back and forth between fiction and nonfiction. Last week, I started Joseph Ellis’s American Creation about the Founders and their struggle to create the United States. I didn’t get very far though! Hopefully I’ll get it finished this week!

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